Legislative Updates


HB 2934 Basic Health Plan (Signed into Law)

The bill, which continues discussions in Oregon to establish a Basic Health Program, was amended from requiring OHA to submit a blueprint CMS to convening a stakeholder group to provide recommendations on the Basic Health Program. The change was made to eliminate the fiscal impact and give the bill a better chance of passing.

HB 3025 Ban the Box (Signed into Law)

The original bill required employers wait to ask the question about criminal history until after making a job offer, and required disclosure on applications if certain crimes would preclude an applicant from being eligible for certain positions. The bill was amended to banning the box on an application form and requiring employers wait to ask the question about criminal history until

SB 454 Paid Sick Time (Signed into Law)

This bill creates a statewide standard that allows all Oregonians to earn sick time while working. After a series of work groups and negotiations, the bill was amended to provide paid leave for those working at an employer with 10 or more employees, but a lower threshold (6 or more) for cities with over 500,000 residents (Portland) and provides job protected unpaid sick leave for those working at smaller employers.

HB 2002 End Profiling (Signed into Law)

Passed out of House Judiciary Committee (Republicans Post & Sprenger voted no) to Ways and Means for fiscal appropriation. Final bill defines and bans profiling based on certain characteristics, collects data on stops and arrests to identify patterns or practices of profiling, give the Law Enforcement Contacts Policy and Review Data Review Committee (LECC) the authority to collect and house complaints.

HB 3517 Cover all Kids (Budget Allocation)

The bill fixes Oregon statute that excludes some children and gives the Oregon Health Authority permission to provide medical assistance to these children, within available funds. Unfortunately, HB 3517- Cover All Kids will not be moving in the Senate. However, SB 5507 allocates $10 million to Safety Net Capacity Grants. The money will ensure that children will have access to the primary care services they need.

SB 894 Comprehensive Women’s Health Package (Died in Committee)

HB 3363 Junk Food Marketing in Schools (Died in Committee)