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9th annual ORCHWA CONFerence: Unity in uncertainty

Registration Now Open

The Conference will be virtual--from 9am - 2pm on August 26 & 27, 2021--and will feature our keynote speaker Roberto Dansie!

ORCHWA’s Annual Conference is a signature event that brings together CHWs, CHW supervisory staff, health systems, community-based organizations, other traditional health workers, and CHW allies to discuss current issues impacting the CHW workforce. This event creates opportunities for continued learning and professional development, while promoting the impactful and amazing role CHWs play in public health, health systems and the broader community.

We will come together to share how we have learned to adapt to a changing landscape and implement new ways of sharing information to meet the needs of CHWs and the communities they serve. The events of 2020 further highlighted existing inequities and the power of CHWs to creatively support community resilience. This conference, Unity in Uncertainty, will intentionally address the importance of a unified and sustainable workforce. 


Solidarity with API COmmunities

The murder of Delaina Ashley Yaun, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Julie Park, and Hyeon Jeong Park are the most recent examples of United State’s long standing racist and xeniphobic practices committed against Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities.  

Anti-Asian violence and hate crimes are rampant and have increased by 1,900 percent since the start of the pandemic, undoubtedly fueled by fear and white supremacy. ORCHWA is in solidarity with API communities. 

ORCHWA is committed to upholding our values as we continue to work towards social justice and equity. ORCHWA is committed to actively addressing racism, oppression, and white supremacy practices through individual and organizational learning, reflection, and growth.

We urge you to use resources and privileges you may have to interrupt and speak against racist acts and encourage you to donate to API advocacy organizations, support API-owned businesses, call and write letters to your representatives, and amplify the voices of the API community.

We see you, we value you and are in solidarity with you. 

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Black Lives Matter

ORCHWA stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.



The Oregon Community Health Workers Association (ORCHWA) is the statewide professional association for community health workers (CHWs).



Coming together to address Coronavirus/COVID-19 and care for each other.


our history

ORCHWA was founded in November, 2011 to provide a unified voice to empower and advocate for CHWs in Oregon. ORCHWA is a membership organization and is led and directed by CHWs.

Beyond unifying and strengthening the professional identity of Oregon CHWs, ORCHWA seeks to support CHWs to obtain additional training, provide important networking opportunities, and facilitate CHWs and CHW programs to collaborate with each other, and community, government, health, and educational institutions.

ORCHWA’s members play an active and visible role in educating public health and health system professionals about the value of CHWs as well as addressing relevant policy and sustainability issues including: training, certification, and employment opportunities. Join ORCHWA today and become a part of it all!

Take Action

Take action on important legislation and issues at the federal, state, and local level, and consider joining a subcommittee! Members work with the Board of Directors and staff to achieve various objectives.



The Annual Conference is our signature event that  event creates opportunities for continued learning and professional development, while promoting the impactful and amazing role CHWs play in public health, health systems and the broader community.



ORCHWA would not exist without the generous support of our individual and organizational members. Help us continue representing Community Health Workers with a one time or ongoing donation, all amounts welcome.

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ORCHWA members bring crucial connections, insights, and perspectives to the work we do.  Member benefits currently include voting* in our annual meeting, discounted tickets to the annual conference and select training opportunities, access to our members’ only database, general and regional forums, and networking opportunities! (*voting rights only apply to CHWs.)


The ORCHWA listserv features job listings, educational opportunities, resources, news, and opportunities for direct action related to Community Health Workers , the communities they serve, and the systems and networks they are a part of.


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