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CHW Competency Exam

Community health workers who have registered with the State of Oregon on the OHA Traditional Health Worker Registry  are certified for 3 years. To maintain the CHW certification with OHA, the CHW is required to take 20-hours of continuing education units (CEUs) and  submit a recertification application. If the CHW does not submit the recertification form within 6-months following their certification expiration they can choose to retake an approved CHW Foundational Training OR can take the CHW Competency Exam.

At this time ORCHWA is the only organization offering the CHW Competency Exam. The exam is offered virtually or in person for a nominal fee. If you meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Were registered on the OHA THW Registry,
  • CHW certification on the THW expired more than 6-months ago, and
  • Have taken 20-hours of CEUs in the last 3 years

You can click here to sign up for the exam. For more information about the CHW Competency Exam contact us at

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