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Healthy Oregon Workforce  Training Opportunities (HOW TO)  Project

In 2019, ORCHWA and our collective of culturally specific community-based organization partners (Urban League, Latino Network, Micronesian Islander Community Organization, Asian Health Services Center, Immigrant Refugee Community Organization, and Multnomah County Health Department Community Partnerships) received HOW TO funding from OHSU to provide CHW trainings from 2019-2022 respectively. 

Many of these participating organizations have previously provided training in collaboration with the Community Capacitation Center (CCC), and all have access to the CCC’s 90-hour training curriculum, “We are Health,” which was the first curriculum approved by Oregon State’s Traditional Health Worker Commission. In addition, ORCHWA has built strong relationships with multiple organizations in rural areas of Oregon.

The ultimate goals of this Community Health Worker Capacitation Collective (CHWCC) Training are:

  • To increase the diversity of Oregon’s health workforce, both by increasing the number of certified CHWs, and also by increasing desire and commitment among some CHWs to pursue additional formal education in a health or healthcare profession.

  • To assuage the shortage of Community Health Workers in rural and medically underserved areas and populations in Oregon, by increasing the availability of evidence-based training that qualifies CHWs for certification. 


Community Health Worker Capacitation Collective (CHWCC)

Asian Health Services Center training dates: May 3rd to June 25th 2021, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11am to 2pmAsian Health Services Center training dates: May 3rd to June 25th 2021, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11am to 2pm

 Organizations with CHW   Capacitation Collective

 Training   Language    Number of trainings and   locations   Dates and Information

 Contact Person 

 Oregon Community Health   Workers Association  English  3 (Central OR, TBD:   Umatilla, TBD: Coos Bay

 1st CHW Training (Portland Metro): Oct   2019 

 2nd CHW Training (Central Oregon): Jan-Feb 2021

 3rd CHW Training (Location TBD): Sep 27th - December 16th 2021, Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-4:30pm

 4th CHW Training  (Location TBD): Spring 2022

 Blanca Cisneros


 Asian Health Services Center  English  1 (Portland Metro)  CHW Training: May 3rd to June 25th 2021, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11am to 2pm

 Christine Lau   clau@ahscpdx.org

 Urban League  English  2 (Portland Metro)  CHW Training: TBD

 Lamar Tillman   ltillman@ulpdx.org

 Latino Network  Spanish  2 (Portland Metro)

 1st CHW Training: January 25th-March 26th, 2021 Mondays,   Wednesdays and Fridays from 1pm-5:30pm  PDF flyer

 2nd CHW Training: July 19-Sep 17, 2021, 3 classes a week, 1-5pm

 3rd CHW Training: TBD

 Gladys Alvarado


 Immigrant & Refugee   Community   Organization    2 (Portland Metro &   Ontario)  CHW Training: June 2021-July 2021 

 Keara Rodela   kearaR@irco.org

 Micronesian Islander   Community   Organization  English  1 (Salem)

 CHW Supervisor Training: March 9-May 4, 2021, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm-7pm

 CHW Foundational training: August 2021

 Jackie Leung   jleung@micoregon.org

These trainings were funded by the Healthy Oregon Workforce Training Opportunity Grant Program (HOWTO). HOWTO is administered under the direction of the Oregon Health Policy Board in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority and OHSU.  For more information, visit www.ohsu.edu/howto.

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